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Digital Literacy Workshops | Tutoring

Digital Literacy Workshops

A group effort, the Digital Literacy Workshops help attendees to increase the level of their understanding of all things digital. 

We can teach you basic, or advanced digital competence. 

Some of the things we cover are:


  • Introduction - You & The World Wide Web. Connectivity.

  • Location and tools - Cloud storage; understanding networks

  • Most commonly used business software tools - documents, spreadsheets

  • Email - Email tools, Email business culture

    The completion of the workshop courses awards a certificate.


Is there something specific you cannot get your head around? Do you require additional assistance, guidance and/or training in specific tasks? Or are you perhaps not used to group-learning, or just don't prefer it? Not a problem!

We can tutor 
you privately and quickly help resolve the difficulty you may be facing. 

Can we help?

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